Artist's Statement

column (2017)

I work to create processes, leaving traces I don’t yet recognize.

Beyond their mere existence, these traces invite me – and, I hope, others –
to discover and invent
the sense or meaning they have,
in the context of the processes that left them.

I depend on surprise and disorientation, both in the course of making work
and in my encounters with the finished results.

Frequently inspired by musical processes,
most structures I develop are informed by my work as a composer.

I am drawn to systems that organize materials at every scale –
where the logic of local actions accumulate to form large scale structure.

Rather than make the patterns I want, patterns emerge from the systems I want.

I use the computer as a tool for stipulating procedures and constructing systems,
while leaving marks that refer to, and resist the gestures of drawing.


I observe myself, living within systems,

many of which I name undesirable.

Struggling to find meaning, in the consequences of those systems,

I compose processes.

Processes composed offer analogies to alternative versions of ourselves;

societies we don’t yet recognize,

(but perhaps worthy of our desires).

Traces left might be taken as their artifacts.